I could engage Bert Evers as my deputy at Emmi AG Logistics, and learned to appreciate him during nearly eight years.

I was particularly impressed how quickly he was able to analyse challenges in the organization sensitively and especially how he can analyse people.

The very profound prepared and implemented measures were showing results quickly and effectively.

With awareness of his duty he has received my trust in no time.

Bert will be successful as an independent contractor.

All the best and the best success.

Alfons Knüsel

Former manager and CEO of Emmi AG Logistics

My memories of working with Bert Evers in various projects are: High empathy, keen perception, lateral thinking, social skills and rapid focused implementation. This mix of properties is a guarantee of success for each potential customer.

Gianni Küng, pens. Director of Sales & Marketing, Sekisui Alveo

Bert Evers is a goal-oriented maker and a competent leader for the solution of complex tasks and the implementation of projects. He is successful thanks to his outspoken organizational skills, his tenacity, his ability to lead people of various stripes and his ability to motivate people.

Jean-Pierre Sormani, ex-CEO Sekisui Alveo

During my many years of cooperation - both professionally and sporty - I've seen Bert Evers to be very proactive, with the right feel for the tasks and their schedule, solid and effective solutions. I especially appreciate his critical - constructive vision, his commitment to successful implementations and his personal commitment - I can rely on Bert Evers.

Peter Meyer

Director NSV (